Zambrero Menu Australia 2022

Zambrero Menu Australia 2022: Since 2005 Zambrero has grown to become an Australian popular choice. They’ve created a distinctive culture based on Mexican food. 

Explore their menus for the latest prices, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions about their menus.

Zambrero Menu Australia

Here is the most up-to-date Zambrero price list for menu items in Australia.

Zambrero Menu Australia 2022

Menu Item Price

Zambrero Burritos & Bowls

Burrito $15,50
Bowl $15,50
Small Burrito $12,40

Zambrero Nachos & Tacos

Nachos $17,40
Small Nachos $7,40
Soft Taco $6,30
Hard Taco $6,30
Dos Capas $6,90

Zambrero Favorites

Burrito IQ $18,00
Bowl IQ $18,00
Classic Burrito $14,90
Power Burrito $20,50
Power bowl $18,00

Zambrero Chikitos

Classic Chikito $11,20
Chikito IQ $12,40

Zambrero Quesadillas

Vege Quesadilla $7,40
Meat Quesadilla $11,20

Zambrero Corn Chips & Sides

Corn Chips $2,40
Side of Guacamole $2,50
Side of Basilo Sauce $1,30
Side of Chipotle Sauce $1,30
Side of Garlic Sauce $1,30
Side of Red Chilli Sauce $1,30
Side of Secret BBQ Sauce $1,30
Side of Tezigo Sauce $1,30
Side of Verde Sauce $1,30

Zambrero Combos

Classic Meal – Classic Burrito or Bowl, 1 x Drink, 1 x Side of Corn Chips, 1 x Side of Guacamole. $24,80
Power Meal – 1 x Power Burrito or Powerbowl, 1 x Drink, 1 x Side of Corn Chips, 1 x Side of Guacamole. $28,60
Classic Duo – 2 x Classic Burritos or Bowls, 2 x Side of Corn Chips, 2 x Side of Guacamole. $39,60
Family Meal – 2 x Classic Burritos or Bowls, 2 x Kids Bowls, 2 x Drinks, 2 x Kids Drinks. $58,80
Make It A Meal – 1 x Drink, 1 x Side of Corn Chips, 1x Side of Sauce. $8,70

Zambrero Desserts

Blondie $4,90
Brownie $4,90

Zambrero Drinks

Soft Drinks – 300ml $5,30
Soft Drinks – 600ml $5,20
Water $4,50
Sports Drinks $5,90
Juices $3,40
Iced Teas $5,30
Probiotics $6,20
Shine $5,70

Zambrero Kids Menu

Kids Vege Quesadilla $3,80
Kids Meat Quesadilla $6,30
Kids Bowl $6,30
Kids Bowl IQ $7,50
Kids Nachos $6,30

Imagine you didn’t even be aware of where a banana comes from. And then, one day, someone comes near you, offers you a piece, and then tells you to consume it. Do you want to take that plunge?

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. However, you want to be aware of the origins of your food before you even eat it, don’t you? 

If not for health or safety It’s good to know the background of the food you’re eating (as silly as it may sound).

Take the fast-food chain Zambrero for example. Do you have any idea how this huge restaurant started?

Then you’ve come to the right spot. We’re here to inform you about the fascinating Zambrero’s history and also answer any urgent questions you might have regarding it.

The Story of the Origins Of Zambrero’s Franchise

The story started with a man surnamed Sam Price, an entrepreneur of a young age who was raised in Australia. 

His parents had poor backgrounds, and Price took inspiration from the courage and determination they displayed. His mother was an academic at university.

Price was a child and later went on to pursue studies in order to be a physician. In the course of his studies, at 21 years old, Price created Zambrero. 

It was due to the fact that he noticed that children were struggling in certain schools in particular communities because of malnutrition. 

Thus, he founded Zambrero and later tied it to the new “movement” that he named”Plate4Plate” Plate4Plate Initiative.

The concept was straightforward when someone bought an item at Zambrero Plate4Plate would provide an entire meal to a hungry child from any country in which nutrition was not available. 

Price also believed that this was a way to offer healthier fast food options for native Australians as opposed to the typical giants such as McDonald’s. 

Price was motivated by the fact that he had seen the lack of healthy and fast alternatives for eating out in Australia and thought he could assist in changing that.

Zambrero’s Rise

To stand out from the other chains that Zambrero operates, Zambrero sources fresh ingredients from farms in the area. 

Price also selects the use of black rice instead of white rice, which is more commonly used to improve the overall health of the food served at the restaurant. 

The food is also prepared according to your specifications rather than prepared in advance.

Zambrero even slow-cooks the meat for up to 18 hours prior to when they serve it to ensure that you’re getting the top quality.

In order to make the business profitable, Price interviewed local entrepreneurs to seek their opinions and read their books about their experiences. 

Price then utilized this information to discover what worked and didn’t work before making the restaurant we have come to know and love to this day.

At present, Sam Prince is one of the wealthiest people in Australia and is also the director of his own company (Sam Prince Group). 

Sam Prince is also the co-founder of One Disease, a non-profit organization that aims to assist indigenous Australian communities that suffer from a mite-related illness known as crusted scabies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zambrero

After you have learned about the story of Zambrero Let’s address any burning questions you have regarding the Mexican restaurant serving Mexican cuisine.

What is the number of Zambrero Locations There?

Zambrero has more than 200 locations all over the world and the majority of them are located in its “home country” which is Australia. In actuality,

it’s the biggest Mexican restaurant franchise operating in Australia (take note of that Taco Bell!)

Is Zambrero Keto-Friendly?

In case you weren’t aware that the keto diet is an individualized diet plan which focuses on gaining calories from protein or other healthy fats instead of carbs. 

Zambrero has surely been on the pulse of the keto diet since they created a very simple diet to accommodate. 

The majority of meals can be made with any type of carbs (like corn or rice) substituting them easily.

They’re also keto-friendly. Zambrero also caters to people who follow vegan or vegetarian diets. They’ll even address typical food allergies such as dairy or gluten with special recipes or ingredients that are gluten-free.

If you’re planning to go there to drink you may want to search for an alternative fast-food restaurant: Zambrero does not serve any.

Are Plate4Plate’s products on the level?

Don’t be embarrassed If you’re interested in that question. It’s not hard to believe that millionaires who claim they are charitable may have a problem. rise and up. As the best we can tell, Price is legit.

Plate4Plate has been reported to have given away fifteen million meals around the world by June 2017.

Price states that he often monitors the operation of the charity to ensure that meals are getting in the right direction. 

It’s true that every Zambrero location is equipped with a real-time counter that keeps track of every meal donated. 

This means it’s an assurance that contributions won’t to a rich man’s pocket.

Is Zambrero affordable?

Everyone has an expense, we all do. Therefore, is Zambrero suitable for you, and your loved ones?

A classic burrito can be found at 12 dollars like the traditional burrito bowl. Quesadillas taste great and are inexpensive (8 dollars and 90 cents for two with meat) as are tacos. 

The sides are expensive, with chips and salsa costing around 7 dollars, however, the overall cost is reasonable.

They also provide a less expensive healthy alternative to dessert by offering muesli bars that mix honey with a selection of seeds and fruits to create a great accompaniment to your dinner. The bars are priced at three dollars per bar.

In The Quest For That Good Burrito

Congratulations! Now you can tell your fellow Zambrero fans that you’ve mastered the complete background of the Zambrero franchise, and a few details to keep the excitement going!

Do you have any more questions about fast food establishments and where you can find inexpensive and delicious meals close to you? 

If so, then to us and discover the things we’re talking about!

What are you doing? Get out, to eat the burrito! We’ll be waiting here in the kitchen, starving as you relax (just kidding…or do we? ).

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