Xing Fu Tang Menu Australia 2022

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Xing Fu Tang Menu Australia

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Xing Fu Tang Menu Australia

Signature Brown Sugar Boba Yogurt $8.70
Strawberry Yogurt $8.70
Mango Yogurt $8.70
Mango Smoothie and Rabbit Panna Cotta $8.80
Strawberry Boba Milk $8.00
Matcha Boba Milk $8.00
Brown Sugar Boba and Herbal Jelly Milk $8.20
Brown Sugar Boba and Herbal Jelly Milk (Menu) $8.80
Boba Milk Tea $7.20
Boba Milk Tea (Menu) $7.80
Lemon Green Tea $7.20
Lemon Black Tea $7.20
Chocolate Milk $8.00
Chocolate Milk (Menu) $8.80
Taro Milk $8.80
Taro Milk (Menu) $8.00
Grapefruit Green Tea $8.00
Soda and Handmade Jelly $8.00
Scented Jasmine Tea with Honeycomb $7.20
Damascus Rose Tea with Lemons $7.20
Lightly Roasted Oolong Tea $7.20

In Fu Tang, which translates to ” Happiness Realm” in Mandarin is a true testament to its name. bringing smiles to the face of the people who enjoy their tea. 

The Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea comes with a rich slathering of syrup made from brown sugar, and the softest tapioca pearls.

MANILA -Sweet and pretty is the best way to describe drinks at Xing Fu Tang, one of the many Taiwanese milk tea companies located in the Philippines.


The meaning is “the hall/realm of happiness,” Xing Fu Tang aims to take a slice of the market and rely on a variety of distinctive selling points, such as its take on the viral phenomenon known as Brown Sugar Milk.

Tapioca pearls are prepared and cooked using Taiwanese sugar, in a huge wok that is served to the customers at the location. 

A cup from Xing Fu Tang Brown Sugar Boba Milk makes use of caramelized sugar to produce”tiger streaks “tiger streaks” in the cup, which this milk-based concoction has become famous for.

With cream and bruleed sugar with bruleed sugar and cream, the Brown Sugar Boba Milk has soft pearls, a creamy caramelized flavor, and a milky taste in abundance without being overly sweet.

However, if you’re in search of something that doesn’t have milk or more tea The Brown Sugar Boba Black Tea Latte is an excellent alternative.

“When we offer the milk [brown sugar boba to the consumer it is hot and still chewy. It’s a big distinction,” said Lao.

The tea, alone, is a cause of satisfaction in the name of Xing Fu Tang. 

Its Black Cup series showcases this in a way, with green, oolong, and black teas, as well as tea blends (green tea and the roselle tea, oolong along with black tea), are offered to the customers in a costly gold and black cup.

Xing Fu Tang

If you’re looking in search of the next vibrant drink to showcase on the feed of your Instagram profile, Xing Fu Tang’s drink menu will have you covered.

There are dairy-free alternatives The Grapefruit Green Tea is pink unabashedly sour and has fresh grapefruit slices inside the cup.

The Soda along with the Handmade Jelly is refreshing, blue, and sparkling filled with food-grade glitter.

It’s the striking contrast that makes the following 3 drinks Instagrammable. 

The first two drinks are milky drinks made using two separate layers (a top layer made of strawberries boba, followed by the milk layer) with matcha tea from Match Boba Milk or strawberry tea in the Matcha Boba Milk or strawberry tea from Strawberry Boba Milk. Strawberry Boba Milk.

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