Virgin Australia Food Menu 2022✨

Virgin Australia Food Menu 2022 Virgin Australia has removed complimentary snacks for Economy class passengers and replaced them with a purchase-on-board menu.

Virgin is also relaunching their Business Class menu today, featuring fresh, new menu alternatives in place of the famous snack boxes that were served at the hefty final of Virgin’s flights in the last few months.

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Virgin Australia Food & Drinks Menu 2022

Hommus Snack
The free inflight meal on Virgin Australia

A packed of Epic Hommus, plus four biscuits.

Ham Sandwich


Chicken Sandwich


Cheesy snacks


Morish Nuts Premium Savoury Mix



A packet of Virgin Australia Pringles.


Pure Blonde Beer


Cascade Premium Lager


Strongbow Cider


Yalumba White Wine


WolfBlass White Wine


WolfBlass Red Wine


Spirits Whisky & Coke


Gin and Tonic




Virgin’s brand new Economy Class menu

Virgin Australia will continue to provide free water, tea, or coffee to passengers in Economy class. 

However, additional drinks and snacks must be bought from the newly-launched Virgin Buy-On-Board menu.

The menu for the Economy class includes soft drinks and juice priced at $3.50 with spirits starting from $8.50 and beer from $9, and wine at $12. 

There’s also a limited range of snacks to choose from, such as cakes, muffins chips, or cheese and crackers priced at $5. 

Two-minute noodles are also back available at Economy Class at $7.50 (and thankfully not as business meal options)!

Here’s the complete Virgin Australia Economy retail menu that will be available from this morning (click above to see larger versions):

However, there’s an apparent lack of quality snacks and meals in the Economy, unless you include instant noodles. 

Virgin promises a wider range of food items, offered by the catering firm Gate Gourmet, which will be launched later in the year.

Virgin Australia says the change will allow it to take the snacks that were previously included out of the ticket price and result in lower prices for flights.

“Today’s consumers are more aware about their food choices than they have ever been. 

We are able to pick the food we eat and drink you drink during the course of your day, and we’re simply expanding this choice when we board,” Virgin Australia CEO Jayne Hrdlicka said.

“By getting rid of food items that aren’t appreciated by our guests, we’re capable of reducing airfares in a structural way which makes it more affordable to travel. 

We’ll still provide complimentary tea, coffee , and beverages on every flight, and guests have the option to buy their favorite items from the menu at a fair cost,” Hrdlicka said.

The snacks that are free on Virgin flights during the past year have been generally small in any case. 

The snacks offered were typically like shortbread biscuits chickpea crackers, an enjoyable-sized muffin. The loss of these snacks that were free in the Economy cabin of Virgin Australia is not much of loss.

“We know that you bought a ticket that includes the free snack. If you’d like to have snacks Please make yourself known to the cabin crew upon arriving aboard and they will be able to assistyou,” the email reads.

Virgin previously offered food and drinks on its flights, however the airline it was discontinued beginning in the month of April, 2020. 

The airline first introduced complimentary food and drinks within Economy Class on domestic flights in addition to its current buy-on-board menu of retail items in April of 2015.

You can talk about these changes in Virgin Australia’s Economy Class catering by visiting the Australian Forum thread for Frequent Flyers: 

VA Economy Service changes Changes to the VA Economy Service “Staff will be able to assist”

New Business Class menus

for business Class travelers, Virgin’s latest menu is an enormous improvement over the less than stellar options since the pandemic first began.

Virgin’s menu is updated with an array of hot salads and hot meals, served on a single tray , accompanied by glassware, crockery, and cutlery. 

(This is different from Rex which offers all Business class food is packaged individually and served on cardboard trays that are single-use with bamboo cutlery as well as disposable cups.)

The flight will have two meals options for each flight including breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the timing of the day. 

The food items will be locally sourced and menus are rotated every two months. However, there’s no celebrity chef, with Virgin having ended its relationship with Luke Mangan in the year 2000.

Some of the items that are on menus on the newly launched Virgin Australia Business Class breakfast menu include avocado mashed and feta served on sourdough bread Bircher muesli, and Brioche with scrambled eggs and Ham.

The brand new Virgin Australia Business Class meals are served with accompanying beverages.

On breakfast flights, these include things like seasonal fruit, yoghurt and pastries.

At other times of the day, side dishes include cheese & crackers and chocolate cake.

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