Utopia Menu Australia 2022

Utopia Menu Australia 2022: Are your family or friends members showing up at your home suddenly? If you’d like to have food for them at a reasonable cost and also tasty?

Then you should check out the most recent Utopia menu prices list and place an order for the food according. You can also access Utopia’s secret menu here.

If you’re at your workplace and would like to order food, you are able to check and look at the Utopia menu prices on your desk. You can then get fast the food you’re looking for.

Utopia Menu Australia

Here are the specifics of the various food items from starters to desserts that you would like to explore as well as compare the simple and delicious food you can make on your own in any location.

Below you will find Utopia’s latest menu prices and updated list. If you’re looking to learn the Utopia menu prices prior to visiting a restaurant or placing an order online for food You can quickly look up and review the Utopia price list for menu items below of your most-loved foods.

Utopia Menu Australia 2022


Utopia’s Best

 Original Milk Tea $4.80
Honeydew Milk Tea $4.60
 Lychee Tea $4.80
Utopia Milk Tea $4.80
Passionfruit Tea $5.00
Hazelnut Milk Tea $4.80
Purple Taro Milk Tea $4.60
Mango Green Tea $4.80
Earl Grey Milk Tea $4.60
Taiwan Milk Tea $5.00


 Butterfly Pea & Lemon $5.40
Butterfly Pea & Kumquat & Passionfruit $5.80
Signature Green Tea $4.40
4 Season Green Tea $4.40
Peach Oolong Tea $4.80
Blackcurrant Fruit Tea $5.20
 Iced Americano $5.00
Iced Coffee Milk $5.60
Hazelnut Iced Coffee $5.80
Matcha Iced Coffee $5.80
Salted Caramel Iced Coffee $5.80


Original Tea $3.80
Camellia Green Tea $4.20
Ceylon Tea $4.20
Earl Grey Tea $4.40
Green Tea $4.40
High Mountain Tea $4.20
Honey Tea $4.40
Oolong Tea $4.20
Oolong Green Tea $4.40
Premium Jasmine Green Tea $4.60
Rose Oolong Tea $4.40
Rose Tea $4.40
Sakura Green Tea $4.20
Summer Love Tea $4.40
Winter Love Tea $4.40

Milk Tea

Ceylon Milk Tea $4.60
Chocolate Milk $4.80
Cinnamon Milk $4.20
Green Milk Tea $4.80
Honey Milk Tea $4.60
Matcha Milk Tea $4.80
Milo $4.60
Mocha $4.60
Oolong Milk Tea $4.60
Pudding Milk Tea $4.60
Premium Jasmine Green Milk Tea $4.80
Rose Milk Tea $4.80
Rose Oolong Milk Tea $4.60
Sakura Green Milk Tea $4.40
Salted Caramel Milk Tea $5.00
Summer Love Milk Tea $4.80
Taro Milk Tea $5.00
Winter Love Milk Tea $4.80

Fruit Tea

Apple Green Tea $4.60
Blueberry Tea $4.40
California Mixed Fruit Tea $4.80
Honey Lemon Green Tea $4.80
Kiwi Fruit Tea $4.40
 Kumquat Lemon Tea $4.80
Lemon Green Tea $4.60
Mixed Berries Tea $4.40
Plum Green Tea $4.80
Purple Dream Tea $4.40
Strawberry Tea $4.80

Fruit Milk Tea

Blueberry Milk Tea $4.60
Coconut Milk Tea $4.80
Kiwi Fruit Milk Tea $4.80
Lychee Milk Tea $5.00
Mango Green Milk Tea $5.00
Strawberry Milk Tea $5.00
Winter Melon Milk Tea $4.60

Peach Series

Peach Tea $4.80
Peach Milk Tea $5.00
Peach Lychee Tea $5.40
Peach Mango Tea $5.20
Peach Passionfruit Tea $5.40
Peach Tropicana Tea $5.20

Cheese Latte

Camellia Green Tea Cheese Latte $5.20
Ceylon Cheese Latte $5.20
Chocolate Cheese Latte $5.80
Green Tea Cheese Latte $5.40
Oolong Cheese Latte $5.20
Rose Oolong Cheese Latte $5.40

Yet Tea

Green Tea Yeto $4.80
Lychee Green Tea Yeto $5.00
Peach Tea Yeto $5.00

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