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Tealive Australia Menu: The cost of each kit, which is AU$74.95 (approx. US$49) is packed with a range of ingredients. It is claimed to yield 25-30 servings.

The kits were initially launched via the internet store located that was located in Malaysia, Tealive sold hundreds of kits in the first few days.

This led the company to consider bringing the kits to Australia.

Tealive Menu

It was a massive surprise to us when we saw the overwhelming response to the DIY kits we launched in Malaysia, as we all know.

Australians are avid tea drinkers, it was our intention to bring the kits to Australia in order to give more people the opportunity to make and enjoy their preferred drink from home.” the founder Bryan Loo stated.

In addition to the instruction manual and the recipes included in the kit, Tealive has also put up helpful instructional videos on the YouTube channel of Tealive TV, Tealive TV.

Tealive Australia Menu 


 Iced Fresh Milk with Warm Pearls

Iced fresh milk topped with soft and chewy warm pearls.
 The Tealive Pearl Milk Tea

Milk tea topped with pearls.
 Iced Milk Tea with Warm Pearls

Iced milk tea topped with soft and chewy warm pearls.
 Iced Chocolate Latte with Warm Pearls

Iced chocolate with milk and soft, chewy warm pearls.
 Fresh Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie

Finely-shaved ice mixed with passionfruit pulp and mango.

Warm Pearl Teas

Iced Milk Tea with Warm Pearls (Warm Pearl Teas) $5.90
Iced Fresh Milk with Warm Pearls (Warm Pearl Teas) $5.90
 Iced Japanese Matcha Latte with Warm Pearls

Iced Japanese green tea with milk, soft, and chewy warm pearls.
Iced Chocolate Latte with Warm Pearls (Warm Pearl Teas) $5.90

Milk Teas

The Tealive Pearl Milk Tea (Milk Teas) $5.90
 Japanese Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly

Toasty and fragrant Japanese milk tea with grass jelly.
 Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea

Milk Tea with red bean and pearls.
 Fresh Berries Milk Tea

Milk tea with a tangy hint of fresh berries
 Chocolate Milk Tea

Milk tea with rich chocolate flavor.
 Fresh Mango Milk Tea

Milk tea with a fruity twist of mango.
 Milk Tea

A signature, original, or classic roasted milk tea with no toppings.

Fruity Iced Teas

 Fresh Orange Iced Tea with Pulp

Iced orange tea with real and juicy orange pulps.
 Fresh Grapefruit Iced Tea with Pulp

Iced grapefruit tea with real and juicy grapefruit pulps.
 Sparkling Honey Lemon Aloe Vera

A fizzy mix of natural honey and fresh lemon juice with aloe vera cubes.
 Fresh Lychee Iced Tea

Beautifully lush flavor of lychee mixed with green tea.
 Fresh Mango Iced Tea

A modern mix of iced tea and fragrant mango
 Passion Fruit Iced Tea

The sweet flavor of passion fruit mixed with green tea.
 Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus-infused tea with a cranberry-like tang.
 Fresh Lemonade Iced Tea

Classic lemonade with a modern touch of iced tea

Wellness Teas

 So Matcha Energy

Japanese matcha milk tea and energy.
 Great You Grapefruit

Grapefruit iced tea crush and antioxidant.
 Orange Immuno-Tea

Orange iced tea crush and antioxidant.
 Choc Muscle Mix

Superior chocolate and protein.
 Golden Cocoa Latte

Golden Cocoa Latte and Protein

Smoothies & Crushes

 Strawberry Pudding Smoothie $6.30
 Matcha Smoothie with Red Bean

Rich Japanese green tea combined with tasty red beans.
Fresh Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie (Smoothies & Crushes) $6.50
 Chocolate Smoothies with Cookies

An indulgent blend of rich chocolate and crushed cookies.
 Chocolate Banana Smoothie

A creamy blend of iced chocolate & bananas
 Fresh Pineapple Passionfruit Iced Tea Crush

A beach holiday-inspired blend of pineapple, passion fruit, and iced tea crush
 Fresh Berries Smoothie

A smooth, sweet, and juicy blend of fresh berries

Coffee & Teas

 Iced Signature CoffeeTea

Freshly-brewed coffee served with Signature Milk Tea
 Iced Roasted CoffeeTea

Freshly-brewed coffee served with roasted milk tea
 Iced Cocoa Mocha

Coffee drinkers with a sweet tooth can settle for this fusion of chocolate and coffee flavors.

Single-Use Items

Cutlery $0.00
Straw $0.00
Napkins $0.00
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The chain sold hundreds of kits days after launching it via an online store in Malaysia.

Tealive announced that its tea kits are now on sale in Australia.

The Malaysian chain’s My Bubble Tea Kit allows customers to make their preferred tea drinks at home amidst social distancing restrictions.

Each kit, priced at AU$74.95 (approx. US$49), comes packed with an assortment of ingredients and is said to be enough to make 25-30 servings.

Initially launching the kits via an online store in Malaysia, Tealive sold hundreds of kits within the first few days, prompting their decision to bring them to Australia.

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