Red Rooster Menu Australia 2022

Red Rooster Menu Australia 2022 Cool and appealing from the outside, Red Rooster stands out like a sparkling ruby on Northwest Second Avenue in Overtown.

The elegance is evident when you walk in to be and you’re greeted by an elegant, American-born Haitian woman named Arielle serving cold drinks at the bar. She is ready to talk about any topic.


Red Rooster Overtown is at 920 NW Second Ave, Miami. Hours are from 5 to 11 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday, 5 o’clock Friday and Saturday. Red Rooster Over

Red Rooster Menu Australia 2022

Fried Footy Finals Offer

Fried Footy Finals Offer

 30 for $30 Buttermilk Wings

This footy finals season grab 30 of our new crunchy Buttermilk Wings and 4 sauces for just $30

Let’s Share

 Red’s Family Meal $25.00

Roast Chicken & Family Meals

 Reds Family Meal $25.00
 Pops Family Meal $35.00
 Big Value Feast $40.15
 Buttermilk Pops Family Feed $27.95
 Aussie Favourite $32.99
 Classic Roast $14.99
 Classic Tropicana $16.99
 Family Roast $40.15
 Mega Feast $48.15
 Wholesome Roast $38.99


 Whole Chicken $17.80
 Classic Quarter $12.99
 Classic Half $14.99

Mega Boxes and Kids Meals

 Bacon Mama Mega Box $16.45
 Legends Mega Box $14.99
 NEW Rippa Mega Box $16.45
 Flayva Mega Box $15.99
 Bacon & Cheese Rippa Mega Box $18.99
 Original Mega Box $15.45
 Rippa Mega Box $17.99
 Cheesy Nuggets Kids Meal $8.49
 Nuggets Kids Meal $8.49
 Cheeseburger Kids Meal $8.49
 Chicken Drumstick Kids Meal $8.49
 Chicken Pops Kids Meal $8.49

Individual Meals

 Cheesy Nuggets Kids’ Meal $8.49
 Nuggets Kids’ Meal $8.49
 Cheeseburger Kids’ Meal $8.49

Popular Items

 Hellfire Mega Box $17.39
 Rooster Roll Mega Box $15.40

Burgers, Rolls, & Wraps

 Double Hellfire Hot Burger $12.99
 Double Hellfire Medium Burger $12.99
 Double Classic Mayo Burger $12.99
 Double BBQ Bacon Burger $13.50
 Hellfire Hot Burger $9.49
 Hellfire Medium Burger $9.49
 Roast Chicken Chips & Gravy Roll $10.49
 Classic Mayo Burger $9.49
 BLT Wrap $10.49
 Chilli Aioli Wrap $9.49
 Flayva $9.49
 Bacon & Cheese Rippa $10.51
 Roast Chicken & Gravy Roll $10.57
 Rooster Roll $9.49
 Rippa Roll $9.49
 Chicken, Cheese, & Bacon Burger $7.51
 Original Crispy Burger $9.49
 Cheeseburger $5.57

Burgers, Rolls, and Wraps

 Bacon Mama Burger $10.45
 Bacon and Cheese Rippa $10.80
 Chicken Cheese & Bacon Burger $7.80


 Chicken Nuggets $7.95
 Pineapple Fritter $2.84
 4 Corn $7.49


 Magnum Brownie $4.71
 Classic Chocolate Magnum Tub $9.95

Snacks & Sides

 Buttermilk Wings $5.95
 Hellfire Wings $10.95
 Onion Rings $3.95
 Chicken Pops $8.57
 Chicken Loaded Chips $7.08
 Vegetable Medley $4.49
 Crunchy Slaw $5.61
 Chips $5.52
 Crispy Strip $2.65
 Dipping Sauce $0.50
 Mash & Gravy $4.32
 Gravy $3.82
 Peas $4.32
 Garlic Bread $4.04
 Corn Cobs $7.49


 Cheesy Nuggets $7.95

Drinks and Desserts

 Street’s Vanilla Cup $2.00
 Gooey Chocolate Cake $4.49
 Chocolate Magnum Tub $9.95
 Paddle Pop Rainbow $2.49
 Paddle Pop Chocolate $2.49
 Magnum Classic $4.75
 Cookies + Cream Cheesecake $4.49
 Soft Drink 375ml $3.72

The style that is Red Rooster aims to transport you to 1950s and 1960s glamour from Overtown. 

Old photographs of young Black women and men adorn walls and tabletops, connecting past years to the present.

Many framed versions from the Negro Motorist Green Book are placed on the wall and serve as a chilling reminder of the things that history cannot erase. 

The book was published between the ’30s and the ’60s in order to warn African Americans who were traveling throughout the United States to destinations that could have put them at risk for their lives or even their dignity.

Red Rooster in Overtown is celebrating black history month as well as the impact on food of the diaspora black.


 One of their specials for Week 2 is a callaloo “rooster style,” with coconut braised greens, crab, and coconut. (Michael Laughlin/Sun Sentinel)

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