Princess Cruise Drink Menu Australia 2022✨

Princess Cruise Drink Menu Australia There are so many questions regarding drinks packages for cruises and menus. Read the Ultimate Drinks Package Guide and find out the details.

Princess Drinks Packages. But, before you go to look over the drink packages in this post, we’ll give you the most up-to current Princess Drinks Prices and menus for 2022 cruises.

Princess Cruise Drink Menu Australia 2022

Princess Cruise Drink Menu

Just after boarding the wonderful Regal Princess cruise, I spent some time studying the cost of drinks and cocktails. 

You can find a list of drinks menus in pictures and cocktails that have been tested and have all the details that will help you determine whether a cruise drink package is the right choice for you.

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Drinks Prices On Princess Cruises On 2022 Sailings

Chilled Vodka $5.50-$7.25
Southern Comfort $7.00
Premium Martinis $8.95
Champagne and Sparkling Wine $7.75 – $17.50
White Wine $9.00 – $14
Red Wine $7.75 – $16
Scorch $8 -$25
Beer $6.25 -$10
Mocktails  $5.50
Espresso $1.75
Cappuccino $3.00
Irish Cream $7.50

Beer And Cider On Princess Cruises And What Are The Prices

It’s always the biggest question asked by those who love cider and beer What beer and cider can Princess Cruises offer in the bars, a few of the beverages you can expect to see?

Budweiser $6.25
Grolsch $6.75
Corona $6.75
Heineken $6.25
Peroni $6.75
Stella $6.25
Strongbow  $6.75
Guinness $6.75
Cocktail Prices On Princess Cruises
Nutty Irishman $8.25
Strawberry Daiquiri £8.75
Ultimate Patrón Margarita $9.75
Pina Colada $8.75
Mojito $7.50
Strawberry Daiquiri $8.75
Dirty Banana $9.25

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Drinks at the Bar in the Retreat Pool Menus

The pool for retreats is the only pool for adults in the forward and front of Regal Princess. Here, you can relax in a kid-free space that feels more relaxed. 

The drinks menu is also available. food menu available for the Sanctuary part within the cruise ship.

Princess Cruises ‘ Crooners Bar Drinks Menus

The Crooners bar is an awesome bar that has an impromptu pianist that plays frequently, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Room Service Menus for Drinks and Food

Here’s an example of some of Princess Cruises’ rooms’ service drinks menus. We did not order room service, even though the menu clearly stated that drinks were included in drinks packages.

People’s Questions About The Princess Cruise Drink Menu

How much are mixed drinks on Princess Cruise?

The following will be what is on the Princess Cruise Wine Bar list which is found in all bars on board. 

There are also additional options in specific places, like Vines. Most cocktails on the Princess Cruise are priced at around $8.50.29 in 2022.

Is it worth buying a drinks package on Princess Cruises?

Princess Plus is worth it when you intend to consume two or more alcohol-based drinks per day. 

If you are a fan of coffee and soft drinks or tea, it’s worth the Princess Plus package is still worthwhile because it costs only $2 more per day than the Coffee and Soda Package but it comes with free WiFi.

How many drinks can you take on a cruise?

What is the cost of a drink on the cruise? On the majority of cruise line vessels, alcohol-based drinks cost additional and are subject to an automatic 15-20 percent service charge. 

Prices will differ by ship, but it’s comparable to restaurant prices and more expensive bar prices — approximately $12 per cocktail, $8 to $10 for a glass of wine from the house, and $14 to $25 for finer wines.

Are You Able to Bring Your own Beverage on Princess Cruises?

Each passenger is allowed to bring one bottle of champagne or wine onboard up to 750ml per cruise. However, you’ll be charged a corkage cost for each additional bottle taken onboard.

That’s all I have to say, I hope that this article will be a great guide when you’re trying to decide whether you should purchase the Drinks package on Princess Cruises right for you? 

This article provides a bit of information about the wide selection of drinks you can try onboard.

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