PitaPit Menu Australia 2022

PitaPit: It is important to note that the Pite Pit menu prices are up to date in 2022. Please be aware the prices of food items and their availability may differ from one location to the next.

Pita Pit is a quick-service restaurant that serves healthy freshly prepared fast foods. 

The menu features the option to build your own meat, create your own plant-based special pitas and brown rice and Quinoa bowls, side dishes, boxes of lunch, and drinks.

Pita Pit Menu Australia

If you’re a vegetarian, no worries you can opt for plant-based choices like falafel BYO Beyond the meat, hummus, and many more. 

There’s also a selection of pitas that you can purchase, including super greek, Schug, Baja chicken bacon ranch Thai chicken, and many more.

Pita Pit Menu Prices




Breakfast Pitas

Awakin with Bacon $6.19
Ham n’ Eggs $6.19
Steak n’ Eggs $6.49
Meat the Day $6.39
Morning Glory $5.49

Meat Pitas

Super Greek $7.99
Chicken Caesar $6.79
Chicken Crave $6.85
Chicken Souvlaki $6.85
Chicken Breast $6.39
Buffalo Chicken $6.39
Prime Rib $5.09
The Local $7.99
Philly Steak $6.85
Turkey $6.39
Gyro $6.79
Club $6.79
B.L.T $6.19
Dagwood $6.85
Black Forest Ham $6.39
Tuna $6.79
California Club $6.69
Southwestern Chicken $6.69
The Aloha $6.85

Veggie Pitas

Falafel $6.69
Hummus $6.19
Spicy Black Bean $6.69
Feta Cheese $5.99
Cheddar Cheese $5.99
Provolone $5.99
Garden $5.69
Pepper Jack Pita $5.99

Kids Pitas

Li’l Turkey $3.49
Li’l Ham $3.49
Li’l Hummus $3.49
Li’l Chicken $3.49


Pita & Dip $2.79
Chips $1.19
Soup $2.29
Quesadilla $3.49
Chicken Quesadilla $5.49
Cookies $0.59


Fountain Drink $1.79
Soft Drink Bottle $1.99
Water Bottle $1.99
Orange Juice Bottle $1.99
Powerade Bottle $1.99
Gold Peak Sweet Tea Bottle $1.99
Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea Bottle $1.99

About Pita Pit.

Pita Pit is a Canadian fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in pita sandwiches. Its Canadian headquarters are located in Kingston, Ontario. 

Pita Pit’s United States headquarters are in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

It was the first Pita Pit restaurant that was opened by Joxxer and Kaia Mowerson (brother and sister) in 1995 close to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

There are over 500 Pita Pit restaurant locations in 12 countries, including Canada, and the United States including India, France, Brazil, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.

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