Martin’s BBQ Menu With Prices 2022?

Martin’s BBQ Menu With Prices BBQ is among the most widely used cooking techniques around the world. I love it when things such as fish, meat, and other kinds of food are cooked outdoors on a flame. 

Today, I’ll inform you about a location where you can enjoy the finest BBQ food. The name of the restaurant is Martin’s BBQ.

Martin’s BBQ serves as a place to meet offering a variety of BBQ dishes, including barbecue trays, bbq sandwiches, and bbq ribs. 

Additionally, there is a menu of snacks, wings smoked salads, and desserts. It is possible to have a fantastic dinner here for less than $30.00.

Martin’s BBQ Menu With Prices

However, before you visit I’ll be able to send you information about the current menu of Martin’s BBQ.

We will also provide franchise details as well as contact details and nutritional information for the food items that are served at Martin’s BBQ.

Let’s look at the background first. Martin’s BBQ is an American fast-food chain of restaurants that was founded in Puerto Rico, United States. 

Its current headquarters are located in Puerto Rico the United States with more than 27 locations across Puerto Rico.

The people who visit love Martin’s BBQ due to the fact that they offer an array of foods that caters to all the foods they want to consume.

Martin’s BBQ menu offers a broad selection of dishes. However, many like to eat six wings and pulled pork shoulder, with an additional side dish, 12 wings pulled pork shoulder and Nadine’s pecan pie chicken fingers, and sliced beef brisket, but instead of these items, there are other options that include sandwiches and burgers, and the redneck taco, which is Friday’s special.

Their menu includes delicious barbecue trays, delicious farm-fresh salads and bbq potato sandwiches, bbq barbecue ribs, kitchen trays of smoked wings, and delicious desserts.

Martin’s BBQ is a place that is tranquil and peaceful. The staff at Martin’s BBQ are friendly and friendly. 

They are committed to providing meals that are made using the best technique, and this applies to the ribs and chicken, and other dishes.

Martin’s BBQ menu is packed with inexpensive dishes that anyone could purchase. You can eat at less than $120.00. So, with no delay, we can move on to Martin’s Barbecue Menu.

Martin’s BBQ Menu With Prices 2022


BBQ Nachos $11.49

Old Favorites

Pimento Cheese Club $8.99

Family Suppers (FEEDS 2-12)

Family Suppers 1 $25.99
Family Suppers 2 $47.99
Family Suppers 3 $74.99

Family Suppers (FEEDS 4-6)

Pulled Pork Shoulder $35.00
Smoked Sliced Brisket $48.00
Full Rack Smoked Spare Ribs $42.00
Southern Fried Chicken (14 Tenders) $37.00

Pitmaster Combos

Big Poppa Sampler (Spare Ribs) $99.99
Kid Brother Sampler $22.99
Big Brother Sampler (Spare Ribs) $24.99

BBQ Trays

Pulled Pork Tray $13.99
Sliced Beef Brisket Tray $19.99
Sliced Smoked Turkey Tray $15.49
1/2 Chicken Tray (Drak) $14.49
1/2 Chicken Mixed (Mixed) $14.49
1/2 Chicken Tray (Mixed) $14.49
1/2 Chicken Tray (White) $15.49
1/4 Chicken Tray (Drak) $10.49
1/2 Chicken Tray (White) $11.49

BBQ Sandwiches

Pulled Pork Sandwich $6.49
Sliced Beef Brisket Sandwich $9.49
Sliced Smoked Turkey Sandwich $7.49
Bologna Sandwich $6.49

BBQ Ribs

1.5 LBS Spares $11.99
2 LBS $15.49
4 LBS Spares $26.99

Redneck Tacos

Pulled Pork Redneck Taco $9.29
Sliced Beef Brisket Redneck Taco $11.29
Fried Catfish Redneck Taco $9.29
Sliced Smoked Turkey Redneck Taco $9.29
Pulled Chicken Redneck Taco $9.29

Kitchen Trays

Fried Chicken Tenders $13.79
Fried Catfish Fillets $15.49
Brisket Tacos $13.49
Catfish Tacos $14.29
Pulled Pork Tacos $12.29
Pulled Chicken Tacos $12.29
Smoked Turkey Tacos $12.29

Kitchen Sandwiches

Fried Chicken Sandwich $6.49
Cheeseburger $8.49
Brisket Burger $10.49
Southern “Paddy” Melt $8.49
New! Fried Catfish Sandwich $8.99

Smoked Wings

Six Wings $8.99
Twelve Wings $16.99
Eighteen Wings $25.99

Salads, Potatoes, and Soups

Farmer’s Salad $9.49
Country Salad $8.49
BBQ Baked Potato $8.99
Brunswick Stew Bowl $5.99
Brunswick Stew Cup $2.99

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Bulk Meat


1 LB Pulled Pork $14.49
1/2 LB Pulled Pork $8.49
1 LB Sliced Brisket $24.99
1/2 LB Brisket $12.99
1 LB Sliced Smoked Turkey $15.99
1/2 LB Turkey $8.99
Spare Rib Rack $22.99

Bulk Sides – Quarts

Baked Beans $13.49
Broccoli Salad $13.49
Green Salad $13.49
Mac and Cheese $13.49
Potato Salad $13.49
Slaw $13.49

Bulk Side -Pints

Baked Beans $7.99
Broccoli Salad $7.99
Green Salad $7.99
Mac and Cheese $7.99
Potato Salad $7.99
Slaw $7.99


Baked Beans $2.75
Broccoli Salad $2.75
Fresh Cut French Fries $2.75
Hushpuppies $2.75
Mac and Cheese $2.75
Potato Salad $2.75
Slaw $2.75
Cornbread Hoecake $2.75
Green Beans $2.75
Homemade Chips $2.75

LIL’ Rascals

Kids Grilled Cheese $3.79
Kids Chicken Fingers $4.79
Kids BBQ Slider $4.29


Nadine’s Pecan Pie $4.29

Bottled Beverages

RC COLA $2.29
SPRITE $2.49

Martin’s BBQ Franchise Details

Martin’s BBQ has more than 27 locations across Puerto Rico. If you’re looking to open a franchised location, here’s the price.

Initial Franchise Fee $250K – $500K
Gross Revenue $500,000
Cash Flow $425,000
Inventory $50,000

Martin’s BBQ Contact Information

Martin’s BBQ Corporate Office Address? 3108 Belmont Blvd, Nashville, Tennessee, 37212, United States.

Martin’s BBQ Corporate Office Phone Number? (615) 200-1181

For contact with the staff of Martin’s BBQ, you can use their Contact inquiry form via their site.

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