Krispy Kreme Menu Australia 2022

Krispy Kreme Australia Menu: Krispy Kreme is the world’s known doughnut shop. Their range of Assorted doughnuts is huge which means that there’s sure to be something to tempt everyone.

Krispy Kreme Menu Australia

The Krispy Kreme menu features their Original doughnuts which are their best-known items on the menu.

In recent years, their in-store offering has increased to include a range of savory bagels, shakes, and coffee to complement their excellent doughnut selection.

Krispy Kreme Menu Australia

Menu Item Price (AUD)

Krispy Kreme Menu Doughnuts Price

4 Pack – Original $10.95
4 Pack – Assorted $12.95
Dozen – Original $19.95
Dozen – Assorted $27.95
Double Dozen – Original $29.95
Double Dozen – Assorted $42.95
Sample Pack – Original + Assorted $37.95
Menu Item Price (AUD)

Krispy Kreme Menu Bagels Price

Plain bagel – single $4.95
Plain bagel – meal
Bagel + Regular Coffee
Cream Cheese bagel – single $5.95
Cream Cheese bagel – meal
Bagel + Regular Coffee
Smashed Avocado bagel – single $7.95
Smashed Avocado bagel – meal
Bagel + Regular Coffee
Ham & Cheese bagel – single $7.95
Ham & Cheese bagel – meal
Bagel + Regular Coffee
Chicken Avocado bagel – single $9.95
Chicken Avocado bagel – meal
Bagel + Regular Coffee
Smoked Salmon bagel – single $9.95
Smoked Salmon bagel – meal
Bagel + Regular Coffee
Bagel choices: Plain, Poppy Seed, or Blueberry Included
Go Large for an extra fee $0.50
Menu Item Price (AUD)

Krispy Kreme Menu Shakes Price

Milkshakes – regular $4.95
Milkshakes – large $5.95
Thick shakes – regular
Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Caramel, Banana, Blue Heaven.
Thick shakes – large $7.50
Kreme Shakes – regular
Original Glazed, Honeycomb, Kookies N Kreme
Kreme Shakes – large $8.50
Iced Drinks – regular
Iced Chocolate, Iced Coffee
Iced Drinks – large $5.95
Shake N Glaze
Regular Milkshake + any 2 Doughnuts
Flavour, Malt $0.50
Go Large for an extra $1.00

Information about The Krispy Kreme menu

If you’re looking for breakfast-style desserts, Krispy Kreme would be the ideal option to satisfy your hunger. The delicious doughnuts from the past have been their mainstay for a long time. 

They are moist, cakey, fluffy, and rich, we probably can identify that, don’t you? 

Krispy Kreme opened its first location in the state of North Carolina on July 31, 1937. 

The thing that is truly remarkable about the brand is that they’ve kept all of the original ingredients right up to date which will bring back memories simply by taking a look. 

Krispy Kreme currently has 30 retail stores that are operating throughout Australia including areas such as Sydney, Whitford City, New South Wales, Perth, and more. 

Additionally, they have entered into an association with 7/11 and are able to offer Krispy Kreme doughnuts at over 600 locations! 

The result is that customers can purchase delicious doughnuts anytime they feel hungry. Fun fact The Franchises that are part of Krispy Kreme in Australia represent around 70 percent of the company’s operations beyond Australia. The United States!

As previously mentioned, the majority of ingredient from the beginning has been used until today. 

This could be the case, as the company is continually innovating a few of its offerings by blending traditional doughnuts with a contemporary design to appeal to younger consumers. 

You will find a variety of kinds of flavors on their menu however, they are most likely popular for their original glazed doughnuts. 

The coatings are very thin and light on the stomach, so you could possibly eat a few of them, or more, without any issues. 

They also have chocolate-glazed doughnuts in case you’re seeking a sweeter taste. 

The icing of choco on top makes a delicious sweet-creamy taste that is sure to brighten your day. Another absolute delight at Krispy Kreme is the cream-filled buns. 

They reimagined their doughnuts, but instead of filling them with custard cream like the traditional version, they added a blend of chocolate and cream. 

It should also note that custard cream is not used anymore in its current form. Instead, the cream is much lighter and is almost identical to the whipped cream used in the Hostess cupcake.

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