Hungry Jack Australia Menu Prices 2022✨

Hungry Jack Australia Menu Prices Hungry Jacks serves breakfast, the most popular, box & shared meals, chicken, plant-based & vegan, kids’ meals, sides & snacks, cold drinks, barista coffee, barista coffee, and desserts in Australia.

Hungry Jack’s is Australia’s most loved fast food place for breakfast. Regularly, their hash browns are rated the best in Australia.

Hungry Jack Australia Menu Prices

Hungry Jack Australia Menu Prices 2022

Presently, Hungry Jack’s is one of the most well-known fast-food chains in Australia. 

Their slogan is “The Burgers are Better” at HungryJack’s’, it is more well-known than Bunnings The lowest prices are only starting.

Hungry Jack’s breakfasts are usually served at 11 AM, although it can vary from one store to the next. You can order some breakfast items, such as hashbrowns, throughout the day.

However, most meals will be discontinued in the afternoon.

”A one-day visit to Hungry Jack will always be a souvenir”

Hungry Jack Breakfast Menu 
Turkish Brekky BLAT A$7.95
Turkish Brekky BLAT & Egg A$8.95
BBQ Brekky Stack A$6.95
Bacon & Egg Muffin A$5.45
Sausage & Egg Muffin A$5.95
BBQ Brekky Wrap A$7.45
Big BBQ Brekky Wrap A$8.45
Hash Brown A$2.45
BLAT Brekky Wrap A$8.45
Hungry Jack Most Popular Menu 
Whopper® Cheese A$9.65
Whopper® A$8.65
Bacon Deluxe™ A$9.65
Ultimate Double Whopper® A$14.15
6 Nuggets Value Meal Large A$12.45
12 Nuggets Value Meal Large A$16.45
6 Nuggets & Sauces A$6.45
12 Nuggets & Sauces A$10.95
3 Nuggets & Sauces A$4.95
Hungry Jack Box & Shared Meals Menu 
Family Bundle Large A$49.95
Family Bundle Small A$39.95
Bacon Deluxe™ Hunger Tamer A$17.95
Whopper® Cheese Hunger Tamer A$17.95
Grilled Chicken Hunger Tamer A$17.95
Hungry Jack Whopper & Beef Menu 
Whopper® A$8.65
Whopper® Cheese A$9.65
Double Whopper® Cheese A$12.65
Triple Whopper® Cheese A$16.15
Ultimate Double Whopper® A$14.15
Bacon Deluxe™ A$9.65
Angry Whopper® A$10.15
Rebel Whopper® A$8.65
Rebel Whopper® Cheese A$9.65
Whopper® Junior A$7.15
Whopper® Junior Cheese A$7.65
Cheeseburger A$4.15
Double Cheeseburger A$6.65
Grill Masters Chicago Angus A$12.95
Grill Masters Smoky BBQ Angus A$12.65
Grill Masters Bacon & Cheese Angus A$12.15
Grill Masters Double Smoky BBQ Angus A$15.65
Grill Masters Double Bacon & Cheese Angus A$15.65
Hungry Jack Chicken Menu 
Grilled Chicken Bacon & Cheese A$10.65
Grilled Chicken A$8.65
Spicy Grilled Chicken A$8.65
Chicken Royale A$5.45
6 Nuggets Value Meal Medium A$11.45
6 Nuggets Value Meal Large A$12.45
12 Nuggets Value Meal Medium A$15.45
12 Nuggets Value Meal Large A$16.45
3 Nuggets & Sauces A$4.95
6 Nuggets & Sauces A$6.45
12 Nuggets & Sauces A$10.95
18 Nuggets & Sauces A$14.95
Hungry Jack Plant-Based & Vegan Menu 
Rebel Whopper® A$8.65
Rebel Whopper® Cheese A$9.65
Vegan Whopper® Cheese A$9.65
Hungry Jack Kids Meals Menu 
Cheeseburger Kid’s Pack A$6.95
6 Nuggets Kid’s Pack A$8.45
Hamburger Kid’s Pack A$6.95
Hungry Jack Sides & Snacks Menu 
6 Nuggets & Sauces A$6.45
12 Nuggets & Sauces A$10.95
18 Nuggets & Sauces A$14.95
3 Nuggets & Sauces A$4.95
Thick Cut Chips A$3.45
Battered Onion Rings A$4.45
BBQ Dipping Sauce A$0.65
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce A$0.65
Spicy Dipping Sauce A$0.65
Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce A$0.65
Ketchup Packet A$0.1
Large Thick Cut Chips A$4.45
Hungry Jack Cold Drinks Menu 
Coke® A$3.45
Coke® No Sugar A$3.45
Sprite® A$3.45
Fanta® Orange A$3.45
Mount Franklin® Spring Water A$3.45
Keri® Apple Juice A$3.95
Orange Juice A$3.95
Hungry Jack Barista Coffee Menu 
Cappuccino A$4.95
Latte A$4.95
Flat White A$4.95
Long Black A$4.95
Hot Chocolate A$4.95
Mocha A$5.45
Chai Latte A$4.45
Hungry Jack Desserts Menu 
Sticky Date Pudding A$4.65
Storm Flake® A$4.95
Storm M&M’s® A$4.95
Storm OREO® A$4.95
Large Chocolate Sundae A$4.95
Large Strawberry Sundae A$4.95
Large Caramel Sundae A$4.95

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Come to Hungry Jack with your friends and “Eat well and live well”

Hungry Jacks FAQ 

What are the Hungry Jacks menu prices near me?

Hungry Jacks offers menu items priced between A$0.15 and A$49.95. 

The menu items include the cheapest item Ketchup Packet, the most expensive Family Bundle Large, and the highest-priced Ketchup Packet.

Hungry Jack’s menu generally has a price range between:

A$0.1 – A$49.95

The Grill Masters range of burgers includes premium options with the best quality ingredients.

Hungry Jack’s recently launched a Vegan Burger due to Australia’s growing veganism. 

This 100% vegetarian burger includes a vegan patty and vegan cheese as well as vegan mayo.

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