GYG Breakfast Menu Australia 2022

GYG Breakfast Menu Australia Guzman y Gomez is Australia’s most popular Mexican-inspired restaurant. Guzman and Gomez is a Guzman and Gomez franchise that started with the opening of their first store in Newtown NSW.

GYG Breakfast Menu Australia

One of the main features of the GYG menu is that they use only the freshest, free-range grilled chicken.

GYG Menu

Below is the most up-to-date Guzman y Gomez menu, including the most recent prices for the month of October 2021.

GYG Breakfast Australia Menu 

Burrito prices

Burrito – regular $11.90
Burrito – mini $8.20
Burrito Bowl – regular $11.90
Burrito Bowl – mini $8.20
Cali Burrito – regular $13.20
Cali Burrito – mini $9.50

Nachos prices

Nachos – regular $13.50
Nachos – mini $9.50
Nacho Fries – regular $13.50
Nacho Fries – mini $9.50

Salad prices

Salad – regular $12.50
Salad – mini $9.00

Taco prices

$3 Taco $3.00
Taco (Hard Corn or Soft Flour Tortilla) x1 $5.00
Taco (Hard Corn or Soft Flour Tortilla) x2 $9.50
Taco (Hard Corn or Soft Flour Tortilla) x3 $11.50

Enchilada prices

Enchilada – regular $15.00
Enchilada – mini $10.50

Step 2: Choose Your Filling

Free-Range Grilled Chicken (included)
Pulled Pork + $0.50
Ground Beef (Mince) (included)
Slow Cooked Beef + $0.50
Pan Seared Barramundi (included)
Sauteed Vegetables with Guacamole (included)
Make It A Meal (add Fries & Drink) – medium $5.00
Make It A Meal (add Fries & Drink) – large $7.00

Fries and Corn Chips prices

Fries – medium $3.00
Fries – large $5.00
Queso (Cheese) Fries – large $6.00
Corn Chips with Guac or Queso (Cheese) – medium $6.00
Corn Chips with Guac or Queso (Cheese) – large $8.50

Drinks, Dessert, & Coffee

Soft Drinks 390ml $3.30
Water $3.30
Soft Drinks 600ml $4.30
Sparkling Water $3.80
Jarritos $5.10
Juice / Iced Tea $4.80
Frozen Cocktails $9.10
Mexican Beers from $5.00
Apple Cider from $7.10
Ginger Beer $3.80
Churros with Dulce de Leche $3.00
Coffee – medium $2.00
Coffee – large $3.00

Kids Menu prices

Little G Burrito $6.00
Little G Tacos x2 $6.00
Kids Nachos $6.00
Little G’s Meal $8.90

Do Guzman and Gomez have Breakfast Menu?

The GYG team GYG have launched their breakfast menus in January 2021.

Although the breakfast menu is restricted, however, it’s a fantastic Brekkie option for those who enjoy GYG and we’re certain that their menu will expand when it becomes popular in this Australian market.

Below are the products currently available on the Guzman and Gomez Breakfast Menu.

GYG Breakfast Menu Prices

Brekkie Burritos
A delicious burrito that is simple and quick to eat when you’re on the move. Pick a base from bacon, chorizo, and sauteed veggies. In addition, you will receive an egg hash, creamy scrambled eggs with gooey melted cheese, and some of their popular pico-de-gallo sauce. Delicious!
Guac on Toast
A classic recipe that is loved by all. Starts with avocados mashed and then piled on top with salsa pico-de-gallo with a little lemon juice. All on toasted sourdough bread. Excellent!
Scrambled Egg Brekkie Bowls
A variation on this Brekkie Burrito for breakfast … Eggs that are free-range, scrambled in Jack cheese corn chips, pico-de-gallo, and the filling you prefer Bacon, chorizo, or sauteed veggies!
Smashed Avo on Toast
An Aussie classic. Avocados are crushed and smashed, then smears on toasty Sourdough bread!
Churro Toast
A delicious and sweet breakfast to kick off your day. It starts with the classic French toast, dipped in delicious cinnamon sugar. Then, top it off with GYG’s delicious Dulce de Leche!
Classic Churros. Cinnamon sugar churros served with Dulce-De-Leche sauce! Hot Tip: include coffee to enhance the perfect taste.
Barista-made Coffee
Amazingly delicious. You can choose from flat white coffee, cappuccino, long black, and espresso.

Is Guzman y Gomez halal?

The answer is yes, Guzman Y Gomez is recognized as Halal. It is important to note that the company that supplies the chicken that is used at GyG shops is Lilydale which is certified halal.

When we asked GYG Management about this, we received the following answer:

“We are able to affirm that all the poultry that is used in every GYG Restaurant has been Halal certified. We suggest that you obtain a copy of the Halal Certificate can be emailed to you at your request. Thank you for your.”

However, some customers have expressed concern that GYG cannot guarantee contamination is present due to being able to employ the same cooking tools and equipment for the pork product. 

When you take these factors into consideration there are some who would not think it is to be halal in this respect. 

Make use of the information above, call your local retailer to find out more, and then you’ll have to decide whether these options meet your requirements.

Information about The Guzman Y Gomez Mexican kitchen

The first Guzman y Gomez location opened in Sydney in the year 2006 and was founded by former New York managing director of a hedge fund Steven Marks. 

Although Mexican cuisine is a major part of food in the New York food scene, Steven believed that Mexican food was largely unrepresented in Australia

At the time and recognized an opportunity to bring the distinctive American flavors of Mexican Fast food outlets to the Australian population by launching the restaurant chain. 

Although the restaurant chain initially experienced losses, the food eventually attracted a large number of patrons throughout Australia.

And there are more than 135 Guzman y Gomez locations across the nation, with additional restaurants opening in places that are as remote as Japan, Singapore, and the United States. 

Guzman and Gomez’s menu is “the best street style Mexican you’ve ever tasted this side of the equator”, and is a delicious, balanced meal created with care and love. Don’t simply believe us Try their delicious food next time!

Guzman y Gomez’s incredible success is due to using the finest, most nutritious ingredients, and nowhere is this more apparent than in their steadfast use of the more expensive free-range chicken instead of conventionally-farmed chicken. 

They offer Free-range Grilled Chicken that can be enjoyed as a filling from to a bowl, burrito, taco, salad, or enchilada, or simply as a topping for the base of nachos or fries.

Only FREPA-accredited free-range poultry is used in the creation of the food items featured on Guzman and Gomez’s menu. 

Other fillings include Pulled Pork Ground Beef, Slow Cooked Beef, Pan Seared Barramundi, and sauteed vegetables, which have the same delicious quality and taste, particularly when served with their own salsa and black beans. 

Even the corn chips are distinctive, crafted from an extremely refined recipe that is cut using a water knife to ensure perfect crispness. 

The perfect way to end your meal is with chocolate and churros. It’s that traditional Mexican combination of cinnamon and chocolate. This is the ultimate in Fast food Mexican style.

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