CoCo Menu Australia 2022💞

CoCo Menu Australia Coco’s Restaurant in South Perth has been at the forefront of Perth dining and seafood for more than 20 years.

We also have a fantastic wine club that offers discounts in our restaurant. The restaurant has an exceptional elegant dining experience that’s perfect for intimate or corporate dining. It is guaranteed to please everyone’s palate and mood.

CoCo Menu Australia

It doesn’t matter if it’s a reservation for a group or a business lunch or a private meal for two with seafood, you’ll surely have the most memorable dining experience in Coco’s South Perth.

CoCo Menu Australia 2022



Pearl Milk Tea $6.05
 Taro Sago Milk Tea $6.60
Grass Jelly Milk Tea $6.05
Green Tea on Cloud $6.82
Matcha Milk Tea $6.05

Milk Tea

Pearl Milk Tea (Milk Tea) $6.05
Pearl Roasted Milk Tea $6.60
Pudding Milk Tea $6.05
Grass Jelly Milk Tea (Milk Tea) $6.05
Two Ladies $6.05
Panda Milk Tea $6.60
Three Guys $7.15
Taro Sago Milk Tea (Milk Tea) $6.60
Roasted Milk Tea $6.05
Coco Milk Tea $5.50
Jasmine Milk Tea $6.05
Caramel Milk Tea $6.05
Matcha Milk Tea (Milk Tea) $6.05

Milk and Cloud

Black Tea on Cloud $6.82
Green Tea on Cloud (Milk and Cloud) $6.82
Matcha Milk Tea on Cloud $7.70
Roasted Tea on Cloud $7.70

Tea Latte

Black Tea Latte $6.16
 Black Tea Latte (Tea Latte) $6.82
Wintermelon Latte $6.38
Matcha Latte $6.38
Red Bean Matcha Latte $7.04


Coco Chocolate $6.05
Caramel Chocolate $6.60


Coco Tea $4.95
Roasted Tea $5.50

Fruit Tea

Mango Green Tea $6.05
Passion Fruit $6.05
Bubble Gaga $7.70
Lemon Dunk $7.70
Honey Aloe Vera $6.60
Lemon Aloe Vera $6.60
Lemon Tea $6.60
Orange Green Tea $7.70
Apple and Passion Fruit Juice $8.25
Wintermelon Juice $6.05


Green Tea Yoghurt $7.70
Mango Yoghurt $7.70
Lemon Yoghurt $8.25
Orange Yoghurt $8.25
Apple Yoghurt $8.25

Slush and Smoothie

Taro Slush $7.15
Mango Slush $7.15
Passionfruit and Mango Slush $7.15
Matcha Smoothie $7.70
Chocolate Slush $7.15
Mango Smoothie $7.70

Coco Cafe

Pearl Cafe $6.60
Caramel Cafe $6.60
Cloud Cafe $7.70
Galaxy Cafe (Lemon) $6.60
Orange Cafe $6.60

Single-Use Items

Cutlery $0.00
Straw $0.00
Napkin $0.00

Coco’s restaurant is situated on the banks of Swan River on the South Perth Esplanade. 

Coco’s has been among Perth’s most prestigious restaurants for more than 25 years. A more enthralling perspective of the Perth skyline would be difficult to come by.

Coco’s is the ideal place to impress your loved ones or clients with stunning seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables

If you are a wine lover, the extensive cellar of vintage wines will surely delight you. The owner Ian Love buys directly from the vineyards and cellars the wine for up to six years. 

The members of the vintage wine club receive an assortment of vintage wines for less than the auction price.

The menu for food is extensive, with a huge menu that changes according to the availability of local produce.

Relax and enjoy the magnificent views of the Swan River and city skyline from this wonderful restaurant located at the South Perth foreshore.

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