Boost Menu Australia 2022

Boost Menu Australia Juice is Australia’s largest and most well-known juice shop. Its Boost Juice menu prices start at $6.20 and can go all the way to $7.80. 

boost menu australia

The flavor options comprise berry, tropical and delicious chocolate. The juices do not just taste great but they are also nutritious and healthy.

Boost Menu Australia

TROPICAL juice prices

All Tropical drinks – JUNIOR size $6.20
All Tropical drinks – MEDIUM size $7.20
All Tropical drinks – ORIGINAL size $7.80
Mango Magic $7.80
Passion Mango $7.80
Fine Pine Mango $7.80
Green Tea Mango Mantra $7.80
Banana Buzz $7.80
Mango Tango Crush $7.80
Watermelon Crush $7.80
Lychee Crush $7.80

BERRY juice prices

All Berry drinks – JUNIOR size $6.20
All Berry drinks – MEDIUM size $7.20
All Berry drinks – ORIGINAL size $7.80
All Berry Bang $7.80
Strawberry Squeeze $7.80
Berry Crush $7.80
Razzberry Mango $7.80
Banana Buzz $7.80
Mango Tango Crush $7.80
Watermelon Crush $7.80
Lychee Crush $7.80

CHEEKY juice prices

All Cheeky drinks – JUNIOR size $6.20
All Cheeky drinks – MEDIUM size $7.20
All Cheeky drinks – ORIGINAL size $7.80
King William Chocolate $7.80
Cookies & Creme $7.80
Raspberry Ripe $7.80
Coffee Dream $7.80


All Fresh Juice drinks – JUNIOR size $6.50
All Fresh Juice drinks – MEDIUM size $7.50
All Fresh Juice drinks – ORIGINAL size $8.00
Choose Your Base:
Apple, Carrot, Orange, Pineapple, Coconut Water, Watermelon
Add Your Ingredients:
Banana, Beetroot, Blueberry, Celery, Cucumber, Dates, Ginger, Grapes, Kale, Lemon, Mango, Mint, Passionfruit, Raspberry, Spinach, Strawberry
Immunity juice $8.00
Two & Five juice $8.00
Mint Condition juice $8.00

PROTEIN drink prices

All Protein drinks – MEDIUM size $7.50
All Protein drinks – ORIGINAL size $8.00
Gym Junkie protein drink $8.00
Energy Lift protein drink $8.00
Watermelon protein drink $8.00
Chocolate Muscle Hustle protein drink $8.00
Protein Supreme – medium $8.70
Protein Supreme – Original $9.20

VEGAN juice prices

All Vegan drinks – JUNIOR size $6.50
All Vegan drinks – MEDIUM size $7.50
All Vegan drinks – ORIGINAL size $8.00
Mango Pash N Go vegan drink $8.00
Lychee Lovin’ Berry vegan drink $8.00
Coconuts For Choc vegan drink $8.00
Caribbean Green vegan drink $8.00
Pure Eden Super Smoothie vegan drink – junior $7.70
Pure Eden Super Smoothie vegan drink – medium $8.70
Pure Eden Super Smoothie vegan drink – original $9.20
Power Plant Protein vegan drink $8.00

TROPICAL drink ingredients

Boost Juice offers a range of fruit smoothies that are real and crushed. The Tropical range is available with Original ($7.80) Medium ($7.20) as well as Junior ($6.20) sizes. Here are the ingredients in each juice of the Tropical range.

  • Mango Magic – mango, banana, mango nectar, vanilla yogurt & ice. (orig: 1820 kj, med: 1360 kj, jnr: 1070 kj)
  • Passion Mango – mango passionfruit, tropical juice sorbet mango yogurt, ice, and mango. (orig: 1820 kj, med: 1350 kj, jnr: 1010 kj)
  • Fine Pine Mango – pineapple, mango, mango nectar, vanilla yogurt & ice. (orig: 1680 kj, med: 1280 kj, jnr: 982 kj)
  • Green Tea Mango Mantra Mango mango nectar, green tea vanilla Yoghurt, sorbet, and Ice + Immunity boost. (orig: 1920 kj, med: 1440 kj, jnr: 1160 kj)
  • Banana Buzz – honey, banana low-fat milk vanilla yogurt, and Ice. (orig: 1750 kj, med: 1410 kj, jnr: 1010 kj)
  • Mango Tango Crush – mango, passionfruit, mango nectar, tropical juice, sorbet & ice. (orig: 1370 kj, med: 1100 kj, jnr: 782kj)
  • Watermelon Crush – freshly juiced watermelon, tropical juice Ice, and sorbet. (orig: 916 kj, med: 736 kj, jnr: 590 kj)
  • Lychee Crush – mango nectar, lychee Tropical juice, sorbet, and ice. (orig: 1290 kj, med: 966 kj, jnr: 730 kj)

BERRY drink ingredients

For those who prefer a drink with a berry flavor, the Berry range of smoothies and crushes is an appealing and healthy option.

The Berry variety can be purchased as Original ($7.80) Medium ($7.20) with Junior ($6.20) dimensions.

Learn about the ingredients that go into every berry drink.

  • All Berry Bang – strawberries blueberries, raspberries fruit juice, strawberry yogurt, and ice. (orig: 1440 kj, med: 1110 kj, jnr: 861 kj)
  • Strawberry Squeeze – strawberries, banana, apple juice, strawberry yogurt & ice. (Orig: 1820 KJ, med: 1360 KJ, Jnr: 1070 kj)
  • Berry Crush – raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, apple juice, sorbet & ice. (orig: 1160 kj, med: 917 kj, jnr: 730 kj)
  • Razzberry Mango – raspberries, mango, mango nectar, vanilla yogurt & ice. (orig: 1660 kj, med: 1280 kj, jnr: 1020 kj)

CHEEKY drink ingredients

All chocolate lovers are invited! Enjoy your palate with these tasty chocolate-based drinks. Prices for all drinks from the Cheeky range are the same as those of the Original ($7.80) medium ($7.20) as well as The Junior ($6.20). What is your favorite choc beverage:

  • King William Chocolate Chocolate Powder, Banana low-fat milk, vanilla yogurt, and Ice. (orig: 1830 kj, med: 1390 kj, jnr: 1080 kj)
  • Cookie and Creme Chocolate biscuits banana milk with low-fat vanilla yogurt and ice and sorbet. (orig: 2140 kj, med: 1610 kj, jnr: 1140 kj)
  • Strawberry Ripe Chocolate powder, coconut milk, raspberries low-fat yogurt, strawberry, Ice, and sorbet. (orig: 2000 kj, med: 1570 kj, jnr: 1100 kj)
  • Coffee Dream – milk, coffee and chocolate powder, banana, vanilla yogurt, vanilla sorbet, and Ice. (orig: 1930 kj, med: 1460 kj, jnr: 1150 kj)

FRESH JUICE drink ingredients

The good thing is that you’re able to combine and mix all juices that are freshly squeezed and whole fruit blends you can imagine. 

The cost of drinks within the fresh Juice range includes Original ($8.00) Medium ($7.50) and Junior ($6.50). Here are a few mixes to get you started:

  • The combination of – strawberry, watermelon, orange, and ice plus the ability to boost immunity (Orig 621 KJ Med: 477 KJ the Jnr is 360 KJ)
  • Two and Five Apple, orange as well as cucumber, carrot beetroot and celery, and ice + vita boost. (orig: 710 kj, med: 535 kj, jnr: 405 kj)
  • Mint Condition mint, apple spinach, cucumber celery, and Ice. (orig: 610 kj, med: 477 kj, jnr: 333 kj)

PROTEIN drink ingredients

The smoothies and juices listed here are ideal for those who want to add protein to help boost their workouts or to get them throughout the working day. 

It’s important to know that they’re sold in two different dimensions: Original ($8.00), and Medium ($7.50). There are two premium options within the Protein range.

These include The Protein Smoothie as well as Choc Muscle Hustle. Choc Muscle Hustle – both come at Original ($9.20) as well as medium ($8.70).

  • Gym Junkie strawberries and bananas, low-fat milk, strawberry yogurt vanilla yogurt, whey protein, and ice (20.5 grams of protein). (Orig: 1630 KJ, med: 1170 KJ)
  • Energy Lift – banana, mango yogurt, tropical juice, and ice, plus energizer booster (8.3 grams of protein). (Orig: 1730 KJ, med: 1350 KJ)
  • Watermelon (or Wondermelon) consists of freshly juiced strawberries, watermelon with strawberry yogurt frozen ice, and whey protein + superfruit booster (13.1 grams of protein). (Orig: 798 KJ, med: 651 KJ)
  • Protein Supreme Banana, Moisli dates, honey, coconut milk, coconut water, Chia seeds, whey protein and cinnamon, ice vitamin, and immunity boosters (30.1 grams of protein). (Orig: 2320 KJ, med: 1490 KJ)
  • Choc Muscle Hustle Chocolate powder banana, oats, chia seeds, coconut waters and coconut milk, vanilla yogurt, whey protein, and ice (24.2 grams of protein). (Orig: 2330 KJ, med: 1760 KJ)

VEGAN drink ingredients

Boost Juice has an excellent range of plant-based as well as low-gluten juices. Prices for basic drinks of the Vegan range are as follows The Original ($8.00) medium ($7.50) as well as a junior ($6.50). 

The only exception is the premium drinks (i.e. Pure Eden Super Smoother, and the Power Plan Protein) which cost: Original ($9.20) medium ($8.70) as well as The Junior ($7.70). 

If you want to know more about the ingredients in your juice that are vegan? Check out the following information:

  • Mango Pash N Go Mango, Passionfruit and banana. Also, mango nectar froze coconut cream and frozen coconut cream &. (orig: 2330 kj, med: 1850 kj, jnr: 1360 kj)
  • Lychee Lovin Berry Lychees, mango, raspberries, mango nectar froze coconut cream, and Ice. (orig: 1750 kj, med: 1440 kj, jnr: 1200 kj)
  • Coconuts for Choc Chocolate Powder (banana, coconut milk, soy milk is frozen coconut cream, and frozen coconut cream &. (orig: 2420 kj, med: 1900 kj, jnr: 1400 kj)
  • Caribbean Green – mango passionfruit, banana mango nectar, spinach, coconut milk, and coconut water &. (orig: 1160 kj, med: 877 kj, jnr: 664 kj)
  • Pure Eden Super Smoothie with pineapple, apple grapes, kale cucumber, lemon, spinach mint, banana coconut water, ice, and greens of all kinds. (orig: 726 kj, med: 505 kj, jnr: 361 kj)
  • The Power Plant Protein Mango passionfruit grapes, banana as well as pineapple, spinach dates, coconut water coconut milk, and plant-based protein and ice plus every greens-boosting ingredient (11.1 grams of protein). (orig: 1230 kj, med: 910 kj, jnr: 669 kj)

About the Boost Juice Company

Boost Juice is an Australian retail store that sells smoothies and fruit drinks. The store was established at the end 2000 of 2000 Janine Allis. 

She is a well-known business person who is also the co-owner of Retail Zoo which manages other retail stores such as Cibo Espresso and Salsa’s Fresh Mex. 

In the beginning, the first Boost Juice outlet was established in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Thanks to Janine Allis’s brilliant marketing plan the store was an instant hit and was very well-known throughout Australia and the surrounding countries. 

The company ultimately made the decision to expand its operations to the wider market of Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. The top franchises are across Singapore, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Latvia, Singapore, etc.

Boost Juice aims to provide healthy beverages in close proximity to a bustling street. 

The menu items they offer are primarily for those who follow an animal-free or vegan diet. They also offer protein-rich options for those following a ketogenic diet.

Boost Juice Bar operates like an ice cream cart or a stand which you can find in the shopping mall or along an active street. 

The stands are adorned with a welcoming tropical look that blends light green and white. 

From a distance, one will immediately realize that they’re all about being fit and healthy just by looking at the way that the shops are laid out. 

The menu is specifically designed for those seeking a nutritious beverage to drink on the go. So, you will get a variety of fruit juices and smoothies on their menu to aid you in achieving your wellness and health goals. 

The top ones that should be tried include their All Berry Bang, Banana Mango Bling, Blueberry Blast, Caribbean Green, etc. 

If you’re not interested in being healthy, you could opt for their sweeter drinks such as Cookies and Creme, Choc Muscle Hustle, Coffee Dream, and Cafe Latte. If you’re unsure of what to choose, consult their helpful staff for suggestions.

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