BlackBall Menu Prices Australia 2022?

BlackBall Menu Prices Australia When the promenade surrounding the Italian Museum and Historical Society is done, make sure to visit BlackBall. 

Taiwanese food items can be enjoyed at this restaurant. 

BlackBall Menu Prices

In this restaurant for confectionary where guests can enjoy deliciously cooked tartar.

Enjoy a relaxing time here and share delicious frozen ice cream as well as delicious balls with your pals. When you visit BlackBall and enjoy tasty pearl milk tea.

“One Day Visit Will Be a Souvenir Forever”

BlackBall Menu Prices Australia 2022


Popular Items

46. Taro Milk Tea $4.95
36. Matcha Latte $4.95

Hot/Warm Desserts

 No.5. Ginger Soup $7.85
 No.6. Red Bean Soup $7.85
 No.7. Xian Cao Soup $7.85
 No.8. Almond Soup $7.85
 No.9. Purple Sticky Rice $7.85
 No.10. Fermented Rice Wine $7.85
 No.20. Annin Tofu Cold/Warm $7.85

Grass Jelly

 No.1. Grass Jelly $7.85
 No.2. Grass Jelly $7.85
 No.3. Grass Jelly $7.85
 No.4. Grass Jelly $7.85

Aiyu Jelly

No.11. Aiyu Jelly $7.85
No.12. Aiyu Jelly $7.85
No.13. Aiyu Jelly $7.85
 No.14. Aiyu Jelly $7.85

Matcha Jelly/Pudding

 No.16. Matcha Jelly $7.85
 No.17. Matcha Jelly $7.85
 No.18. Matcha Pudding $6.95
 No.19. Annin Tofu $7.85

Crushed Ice

 No.21. Blackball $8.50
 No.22. Jiu Fen $8.50
 No.23. Cranberry $8.50
 No.24. Taro $8.50
 No.25. Red Bean or Green Bean $8.50

Freshly Brewed Organic Teas

At Blackball, our mission is to find the highest-grade organic tea and craft them using the traditional brewing method for you to enjoy.
 31. Shaken Iced Tea $4.50
32. Shaken Iced Milk Tea $4.95
33. Shaken Caramel Iced Milk Tea $4.95
34. Shaken Fresh Milk Tea $4.95
35. Matcha Milk Tea $4.95
36. Matcha Latte (Freshly Brewed Organic Teas) $4.95

Specialty Drinks

 41. Xian Cao Tea $4.50
42. Xian Cao Tea with Grass Jelly $5.25
43. Honey Lemon Aiyu Jelly $5.25
44. Passion Fruit Green Tea $5.25
45. Cranberry Lemon Drink $4.95
46. Taro Milk Tea (Specialty Drinks) $4.95

Winter Melon Teas

With a commitment to the integrity of the ingredients, it is our purpose is to bring healthy desserts and drinks, helping people live happier, healthier life.
51. Winter Melon Tea $4.95
52. Winter Melon Tea with Lemon $5.25
53. Winter Melon Tea with Mini Balls $5.95

Mini Cups

91. Grass Jelly Pack $5.45
92. Aiyu Jelly Pack $5.45

Organic Fresh Milk

62. Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly $5.95
63. Fresh Milk with Matcha Jelly $5.95
64. Fresh Milk with Boba $5.45
65. Fresh Milk with Winter Melon $5.45

Cheese Teas

71. Green Tea with Original Cheese $5.95
72. Milk Tea with Tiramisu $5.95
73. Green Tea with Mango Cheese $5.95
74. Matcha Milk Tea with Original Cheese $5.95
75. Xian Cao Tea with Original Cheese $5.95
76. Winter Melon Tea with Original Cheese $5.95


81. Matcha Latte Smoothie $6.45
82. Almond Milk Smoothie $6.45
83. Red Bean Milk Smoothie $6.45
84. Taro Milk Smoothie $6.45


Add delicious toppings to your favorite drinks or desserts
 Rice Balls $1.25
Taro Ballas $1.00
Sweet Potato Balls $1.00
Crystal Boba $1.00
Egg Pudding $1.00
Grass Jelly $1.00
Matcha Pudding $1.00
Matcha Jelly $1.00
Boba $1.00
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