Bennelong Restaurant And Bar Menu In Sydney Australia 2022

Bennelong Restaurant And Bar Menu In Sydney Australia Bennelong is a reliable choice when it comes to high-end food in Sydney. 
It’s been around for quite a while, however, I came to Bennelong to the restaurant for the very first time to celebrate my 30th birthday this year.

After our quick seating after which we were served menus and asked to provide our preferred water choices. 

Bennelong Restaurant And Bar Menu In Sydney Australia

Bennelong Restaurant And Bar Menu In Sydney Australia

At Bennelong, the only thing you can choose is three choices for a menu for $150. We chose all of our options at the time of ordering and added half a dozen oysters as well as two glasses of red wine.

The oysters and wine were served quickly, but freshly baked bread and butter were not served only after the oysters had been gone. 

The bread was made of sourdough and served warm, along with warm cream and salt rock. It was awe-inspiring.

Kobow (sample menu)
44 Fried rice with choice of chicken, vegetables, beef $13.00
6 Seafood stir-fried rice cake $18.00
20 Sweet and sour chicken $25.00
13 Stir-fried spicy pork $25.00
2 Fried Dumplings $10.00
15 Stir-fried squid $25.00
Grilled chicken $10.00
54 Spicy kimchi stew $12.00
Salad Works (sample)
Beanbah Espresso (sample)
Extras (double shot, soy, choc) $0.50
Salad of smoked salmon, avocado, Spanish onion, cherry tomato, mixed leaf & house dressing $14.00
Two eggs any way on toast $7.50
Tea – assorted blends $3.50
House-baked muesli cookie $3.50
Smoked salmon bruschetta – organic toast topped with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, shaved fennel, rocket & house lemon dressing $10.50
Sandwich of house corned beef with coleslaw on toast served with house salad $17.50
House roasted muesli topped with seasonal fruit & yogurt $8.00
Spuds N Crepes (sample)
Bolognaise Spud – Homemade Bolognaise, Fresh Tomato, Avocado, Cheese, and sour cream $ 8.00
Smoked Salmon – Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Roasted Onion, Roasted Capsicum, Brie, and Avocado $ 8.40
Bolognaise (or Chilli Con Carne) – Homemade Bolognaise, Cheese, Spanish Onions, Roasted Capsicum, $ 8.90
Chicken Lettuces Spud – Chicken Breast Fillet, Cheese, Lettuce, Avocado, and Sour Cream $ 8.40
Vegetarian Spud – Cheese, Fresh Mushroom, Fresh Tomato, Coleslaw, Avocado, and Sour Cream $ 7.60
Chilli Con Carne Spud – Mexican Beef, Red Beans, Lettuce, Jalapenos, Avocado, Cheese, and Sour cream $ 8.00
Meat Dulux – Ham, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Chicken Breast Fillets, Bacon, Cheese, topped with BBQ Sauce $ 8.90
Lemon and Sugar $ 5.50
Lovebite Cafe (sample)
Tomato and Avocado Salad $14.00
Wagyu Burger $15.90
Caesar Salad $12.00
Risotto Milanese $17.00
– Traditional Raisin Bread Thick $3.50 ea
– Traditional Dark Rye $3.50 ea
– Spelt $4.00 each
– Soy & Linseed $4.00 each

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How much does it cost to eat at Bennelong?

A la carte menu of three courses is $80 per person, with a cost of $30 covered per person.

Where is Bennelong in Australia?

Sydney Opera House

The venue is located in the iconic Sydney Opera House, Bennelong is a unique event venue, one of Sydney’s most prestigious dining experiences.

Where did Bennelong grow up?

Parramatta river

Woollarawarre Bennelong was born around 1764. He grew up along the Parramatta River. Around six weeks, his family named him for the fish that was caught.

Bennelong Restaurant is literally located in Bennelong Restaurant is actually inside the Sydney Opera House. 

It is accessible via the same main entrance. go through the theatre-like corridors and take an elevator with no roof to get to the restaurant. 

I booked a table for four persons two months in advance It was a simple procedure, and I was able to receive an email with confirmation. 

I needed to alter the date shortly after having booked my first reservation, but the hotel staff managed to meet my request swiftly.

As one would expect, the service was professional. The setting was not overly upscale It’s likely that the restaurant is located on the ground and passers-by could visit the restaurant, so they shouldn’t be too formal. 

However, when I looked up at the roof, which clearly revealed the wooden structure that forms the seagull-shaped Opera House.

I got some sort of “holy” feeling. I suppose it’s an emblem of Australia and when you look towards the top, it seemed a bit unreal that I actually had the sensation of dining inside. 

Anyway. Everyone looked nice. I’m not sure if there’s a dress code.

I did notice one table that had a couple of young people in white sneakers and baggy sweaters However, to be honest, I think it’s best to dress nice.

Our servers were extremely accommodating in explaining both the food menu and the wine to us, and also their personal preferences, and extremely attentive to our table and guests’ needs.

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