Australia DVD Menu 2022✨

Australia DVD Menu 2022 DVD discs offer the option of selecting the audio track using the menu system on the disc. 

But, the menus differ between titles and the majority of them do not speak which makes it difficult for blind users to choose which AD independently.

Australia DVD Menu 2022

Australia DVD Menu

Audio menus are menus on DVD that provide information to viewers when you put the disc in the DVD player. 

They help you navigate the menu options in order to choose the options you want including AD.

 Audio menus are a new development, also known as Audio navigation is at its beginnings both in Australia as well as internationally.

The first talk menus that were available for DVD were available on box set discs from Dr. Who Series Two which was produced in 2006 by the Royal National Institute of Blind People and 2entertain Ltd 2006.

When the first disc from the series is put on a player DVD the disc will say, “Dr. Who, series 2 disc one”. 

Then, it will give viewers the option of choosing audio menus, which when selected, will be spoken, and displayed in large print.

The following suggestion titles are accessible to audio and DVD menus in Australia:

  • New DVD Releases
  • New Blu-Ray Releases
  • DVD Box Sets
  • TV on DVD
  • Action DVDs
  • Adventure DVDs
  • Animated DVDs
  • Anime DVDs | Manga DVDs
  • Australian Movies
  • 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray
  • Children’s DVDs
  • Christian DVDs
  • Classic DVDs
  • Comedy DVDs
  • Comedy – Stand-up DVDs
  • Documentary DVDs
  • Drama DVDs
  • Family DVDs
  • Fantasy DVDs
  • Fitness DVDs
  • Games
  • Horror DVDs
  • Lifestyle DVDs
  • Manga
  • Miscellaneous
  • Music DVDs
  • Musicals DVDs
  • Pop Vinyl
  • Other DVDs
  • Romance DVDs
  • Sci-Fi DVDs
  • Sport DVDs
  • Thriller DVDs
  • Triple Packs DVDs
  • War DVDs
  • Westerns DVDs
  • World Movies DVDs
  • 3D Movies
  • Best DVDs & Specials

Other titles are also available in Australia with talk menus, however, these are not region 2 DVDs. They are only playable using a DVD player which can play regions 2 DVDs. 

You can find a list of these titles on the RNIB’s list of audio-described DVDs. (link can be external) The list is frequently revised and the titles with audio menus are listed in brackets with the word ‘Talking Menus’.


An abbreviation that stands for Digital Versatile Disc, which is an optical-disc technology that was developed through the DVD Consortium, a collection of 10 firms who have contributed to the development of the specification and standard for DVD. 

There are five specific kinds of DVD discs DVD-ROM, DVD-Video DVD-audio, DVD+-R (recordable/write at once) DVD+ RAM (re-writable).

DVD-ROM Features

DVD discs are also playable on personal computers with DVD-Video capabilities. 

DVD-ROM are features specifically designed for computers that are included in DVD-Video discs which are only playable with DVD-ROM drives. 

These can be screenplays, hyperlinks to web websites (often known as “web hyperlinks”) and advanced interactive games, and text-based information. 

These aren’t available through DVD-Video players. One must possess either a DVD-ROM drive or a DVD device that can play DVD-ROM.


Certain editions of DVDs with dual layers cause defects in the manufacturing process, in which the adhesive used to join two layers is inadequate or not properly applied. 

If the disc is brand fresh it is not affected by the “DVD Rot isn’t visible and the errors correction capabilities of DVD players can correct the issue. 

As time passes the layers become separated and the “DVD Rot becomes more severe until the disc is no longer playable.

It can also be seen in specific lighting conditions. Even if the damaged disc was kept in the best conditions and not touched, it will be unplayable after a certain period of time.

Dual Layer/RSDL

Reverse Spiral Dual Layer (RSDL) allows longer films to fit on just the DVD’s one side which allows continuous playback for longer films and not having for a “disc turn”. 

There’s usually a noticeable interruption during the layer change when the laser of the player adjusts for the reading of the other layer. 

The duration of the pause is different from disc to disc, and the player. Dual-layer discs are easy to recognize because they are gold-colored, as opposed to the silver sparkle of a single-layered disc.

Easter Eggs

There are hidden features on DVDs that can be found and accessible by using the menu system on the disc.

Flipper Disc

Before the invention of Dual Layer discs, movies that couldn’t be viewed on one layer were typically split between the two edges of the disc. 

This was a less popular method of authoring DVDs since the viewer was obliged to flip the disc while enjoying the video, hence the word “flipper”. 

This method of creating DVDs has been mostly eliminated.


HD DVD, also known as High-Definition Digital Versatile Disc is an optical disc with a high-density format that is designed to store large amounts of high-definition video and data. 

1 HD DVD was developed mostly by Toshiba and was envisioned to be the replacement for the DVD standard format.

HD DVD is able to support 720p, 1080i, and 1080p HD video. It also introduces 7.1 audio masterings. It also supports the lossless DTS HD and Dolby TrueHD audio formats. 

It could store data up to 30GB and was backward-compatible with DVD. It required an HD DVD player is needed to play discs using this type.

HD DVD was a format that HD DVD format was competing with Blu-ray’s Blu-ray counterpart to become the most popular format for high-definition media. 

In February 2008, however, Toshiba abandoned the format and announced that it would not develop or produce HD DVD players.

How To Take Care Of Your Disks:

A DVD is composed of two sides that are joined (each just 0.6 millimeter thick) This means that it could easily be damaged due to twisting and bent. 

The most severe scratches on DVDs may cause problems with playback.

  • Be sure to handle DVDs more cautiously than a CD with music DVDs
  • Only make contact with the hole in the middle and the outer edge of the disc.
  • If you want to remove the DVD from its box you need to push the button on the central hub and push it downwards. 
  • Utilizing the other side of your hand you can gently remove the disc along the outer edges. Never take a DVD out of its packaging by simply prying through the part of it.
  • Single-sided discs must be placed in the tray with the artwork/titles facing upwards. 
  • Be sure that the disc is properly seated in the player prior to shutting the tray.
  • Clean the disc using an unabrasive, damp and lint-free fabric. 
  • Don’t use anything that is abrasive or harsh. chemical and cleaning products. 
  • Make sure to clean the disc in an even line starting from the inside up to the edge of the disc. Avoid using circular motions while cleaning the disc.
  • Don’t pile your discs of DVD. Always place the disc inside its case for protection when not being used.
  • Make sure your DVDs are safe from extreme temperatures.
  • Make sure your DVDs are kept out of direct sunlight.

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With a vast selection of more than 40,000 DVDs as well as Blu-Rays, there are many options to select from.

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